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SEO SEO Analytics (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO analytics will let you know how many people have gone into your website and how they found it. Using this information we will improve your weak keywords or pages, and maintain your good web pages.

SEO Google Analytics

Google Analytics lets us know where we need to help our customers and exactly how we need to help them. The analytics report shows us how many visits our customers get per day and how many page views we had. Not only does it let us know what day our web site was visited but it tell us witch one of our web pages was visited and how exactly the customer got there.

SEO Bounce Rate

Another thing these reports tell us is the bounce rate our pages have. Bounce rate is a percentage of visits in which a person entered your website and left rite away. This is not good because this means people are being driven to your website but they are not finding what they are looking for.

SEO Visitors Overview

Visitor’s overview lets us know the visits, and the average time someone spends on your web site. This tells us if we’re really helping people and if they like our website or not. It also shows the geographical location where the people looking for you are and what keyword they used to get to you.

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