Content Management System
  • A content management system (CMS) separates content from web design
  • Our customers can use our own developed CMS, with an easy to understand interface
  • Our CMS allows transforming web design without losing content

Content Management System What is a CMS?

content management system (CMS) is a tool that allows the web site owner to modify text, upload images and other kinds of media to their web site, without knowing about web design.

  • Our CMS has a backend to administrate your own content data base
  • Our CMS allows the easy modification of meta tags and basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • We train clients to manage their own content

Drupal What CMS uses? Drupal / WordPress offers our customers a flexible but simple to use CMS, specializing in manage catalogs, e-commerce sites and simple content pages. Using the CMS our customers don’t need to ask our staff to help them with every little change, Our clients are free to edit and change the content they want. This is helpful because our clients know there products much better than we do.

Since we completely know how our own CMS works our web design department can transform the appearance of web site to fit the customer needs and desires, but keeping the usability of administrative interface. Also the extensive use of cascade style sheets (CSS), give us a more quick way to make the changes requested by the customer. Also we can modify the data base and administration structure to fit the system and the client needs at the same time.

Our CMS helps SEO Our CMS helps SEO

One of the Search Engine Optimization basics are the meta tags, due to our big interest in offering our clients SEO, our CMS has the possibility to edit these meta tags page by page, making this SEO part easier and faster to do. This gives more time to the really complicated tasks, and easy monitoring by the customer.

CMS Training CMS Training

Our clients receive personalized training to use the CMS, but they don’t need knowledge about web design, and can learn to use it within a few hours.

Take a look at our portfolio of web design to see how flexible our CMS is.