1-M Proposal Letter:

This letter is designed to be created by the marketing Executive and sent out during the first stage of the process.
When the proposal is agreed and the components chosen and a deposit collected we move to the fulfillment of the.. 


2-M Estimate Request Form:

This form should be reflective of the notes that where taken by the marketing executive as well as the client. It will include the current site and the changes for the future site.

1B-WDD-Estimate-Request-Form  1B-WDD-Estimate-Request-Form

2-DD Estimate Worksheet:

This will be sent back to the marketing executive by the Design Dept and will be completely reflective of what will be built for the client.
It will be signed of on each page by the client and it will be from this point that we will move towards the design of their new site...

2-DD Estimate Worksheet  2-DD Estimate Worksheet

2-M Client Responsibilities Handout:

When going over the Estimate Worksheet the Marketing executive will also have the client sign off on the Responsibility hand out.
This hand out will clarify the steps and responsibilities of each client. NO job will be started without a signed on file CRH.

2-M Client Responsibilities Handout  2-M Client Responsibilities Handout

3-DD Web Site Project Change Order:

When Changes come in they go directly from the project leader to the Client.
There are times when the Marketing Executive would like to see what is going on and that can all be monitored in the client account.
Only the client WDD and ME will have access to this account.

SEO  drupal

3-DD Completed Template Signoff:

When the design is complete the Marketing executive will have the client sign off on the CTS so that the engineering portion of the site can be started.
At this point any and ALL changes to the design will be the responsibility of the client and this will be made clear by the Marketing Executive.


4-DD Work Log:

The client will monitor work progress through their site.
If they are not using a site within the WDD they will be sent a weekly Work Log Form on Friday mornings by the WDD.
This form is to make sure that both parties have clarity of the timelines within the job and will also point out what might still be in production and what needs to be handed in by the client.
A Copy of this is sent over to the marketing Executive as well.

4-DD Work Log  4-DD Work Log

5-DD Completed Site Signoff:

The marketing Executive and the client will be sent the Sign off sheet.
An appointment will be scheduled with all parties by phone and in person, they will sit and work through site page by page to test all functionality.
Upon approval the client will sign the completed site sheet and make the final payment.
At that point the site will be posted to the client server on their URL and will ‘Go LIVE”.

5-M Contract For Web Hosting  5-M Contract For Web Hosting

5-M Contract For Web Hosting:

At the point of final payment or before hand the Marketing Executive will go over the hosting options available and work through growth rates for the site.
If they chose a hosting package it will be paid for prior to installation of the site.

5-M Contract For Web Hosting  5-M Contract For Web Hosting

6-M Fee Increase Letter:

Once the client has completed the site there may be a fee increase the next time that they want to work on it.
In that case the Marketing Executive will forward a letter prior to the client for their files.

6-M Fee Increase Letter  6-M Fee Increase Letter

6-DD Contract For Hourly Work:

There are times that client select to pay by the hour for a project. This creates the ability for the client to budget as well as to work on projects that are more dynamic then the average website.
In these cases a hourly commitment rate will be sent to the client and billing is started. The Client will always be working off a retainer.

6-DD Contract For Hourly Work  6-DD Contract For Hourly Work