W3C Compliance

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  • Compliance helps you page be accessible for the disabled
  • Compliance assures you that your page can be viewed by different devises, browser, and cell hone the way they should be seen.
  • Compliance also assures the functionality of you page and makes it work no matter where your page is being viewed from.

W3C Compliance

The World Wide Web Consortium provide the guideline by which website have to be built. These simple rules are what make it possible for us to see all the web pages no matter on what browser you are on.

What if I all ready have a page and don’t know if it’s in compliance with W3C Standards?

Well you can hire someone that knows about W3C Standards and they can go over your website and let you know if you are in compliance with W3c standards. There are a number of tools and plugins for Firefox that let you know if you have any errors or not.

Where to start?

Start of by validating your CSS, than your HTML or XHTML validation. Remember that this will take a while so don’t get frustrated. After validating your CSS, HTML or XHTML than you should move on to you Accessibility standards.

Is it worth it?

Once you have everything validated your website will be available in many browsers, and you will rank higher in search engines. So it all comes down to that if people can see you on all type of browsers than you can get more traffic and more sales.