SEO Basics

SEO Basics
  • The Right Keywords
  • Title, H1, H2 Tags and Keywords
  • Meta Description
  • Sitemaps

This is a basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tutorial/starter guide where you see what SEO basics are really about. These simple starter tips will help you get the ball rolling with your search engine optimization. Not only can these tutorial tips help you start but they can help when you hire an SEO company. This basic yet informative starter guide will serve you as a checklist for basic things the SEO company you hire must do.

SEO Basics Step 1 SEO Basics Step 1:

The Right Keywords

Start off by choosing keywords that are not so general in your business. Try using specific words that target specific areas. One of the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies is to use your keywords in your URL but since most people have already registered their domains the best way to do this is by adding the keywords to your page titles. 
For example
When we talk about targeting certain areas, this means using your geographical location.
For Example:

  • Not Good: Web Development
  • Great: Miami Florida Web Development

Regular searches are done using a specific area, location, town, etc…

SEO Basics Step 2 SEO Basics Step 2:

Title, H1, H2 Tags and Keywords

The title should include your top 5 or 6 Keywords in a phrase. Try using the keywords but make relevant sentences. 
For Example:

  • Not Good: Miami, Web, Design, Florida, Web Site
  • Great: Miami Web Design, Florida Web Sites

Header tags or better known as <h1> and <h2> tags are a quick way to format text and show the Google ranking algorithm something important. These tags are subtitles under your page's main title, try using your keywords within these headers and make it short. Google sees these <h1><h2><h3><h6> tags more important than regular text.

For Example:

  • <h1>this text is more important, and this stands out more to our clients</h1>
  • <p>not as important</p>

SEO Basics Step 3 SEO Basics Step 3:

Meta Description

<META NAME="description" content="This is your meta description tag">

This meta tag is very important because this tag is viewed in a SERP (search engine results page). This tag is found in the Head area of your code, you should know how to properly write a description and what should go into it. 
The meta description should be no longer the 150-160 characters, try not to make it so long otherwise Google SERPS will cut it off. The description should be written with the purpose of briefly explaining your product or service and should include your homepages keywords. For Example: